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Last Update: February 20, 2015

This blog post is my first blog post. In this post I will be explaining more in-depth information about me. This includes my background, hobbies, interests, and more for, YOU, the viewer to understand me more. "I am an open book", so with that said let's get started shall we?

To begin with, my name is Andre Burt. I was raised in Indianapolis, Indiana on December 9, 1992. I am 22 years of age and I am of both African and Native American decent. I am also a spiritual person. I have a degree in Information Technology and currently studying HVAC, (Heating,Ventilation,Air Conditioning). For those who didn't know what that stands for. I also currently serve in the Army National Guard.

In addition, My current hobbies are of the following: Meditation, reading and listening to audiobooks, long walks, listening to music, expanding my consciousness, hanging out with like-minded individuals, exercise, helping others, playing video and board games and trying new exciting things! At the moment I am very curious or interested in doing yoga, Tai-Chi, traveling abroad, and experiencing a sensory deprivation tank.

Furthermore, my dreams and goals. My dreams are to be financially independent and to travel abroad to experience multiple cultures and ways of life. I want to be able to go to new uncharted areas in my life to help me better understand myself and others. My goals are to be an entrepreneur and a investor. I believe that both work hand to hand with each other. I want to become an investor so that I can learn how to create and manage my currency and money. I want to be an entrepreneur simply cause I want to own my business.

In conclusion, I could have really got deep into explaining myself but that's just too much. I am constantly changing and expanding like most open-minded people. Hopefully, this post gave you guys and gals enough information about me. I want to leave this statement to hopefully clarify my purpose, I believe I am here to help empower people and to live my simple life to the fullest. Much love to all and thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this.

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floridajf Premium
Great to see you be a part of the community Andre, thanks for sharing your information with us and for being so open. Keep up the great work :D
AndreBurt Premium
Thank you for the reply. I am most humble and most definitely will. You do the same =)
VictorMei Premium
First and foremost, Andre, THANK YOU for serving! Secondly, I think the goals you have set can definitely be reached here at WA. Third, nice blog, keep it going.
AndreBurt Premium
Thank you for the positive feedback Victor. I believe I have found a great place to learn and grow with other people.