Daily and Weekly BP Battle Plan

Last Update: August 28, 2016

Hey folks ,

So, the other day i bumped into a blog post that was explaining how important it is to have and write a "to-do list" everyday.

Since i do completely agree with what the user wrote down , i wanted to share my way to write this "to-do list" , which is actually named : Daily Battle plan.

So the main purpose is to have your goals and target written down , and the actions that you need to accomplish in order to get there. I'll show you a few examples that can give you some sort of idea. Although this of course is not what's gonna make you rank in google or have a bank-wire from Paypal , it is part of the basics that each of us should have in the closet and use everyday to have control on what we do. whatever it is ( Online business , your job , your vacation , your hobbies etc.. )



-Achieve 100 new followers

-Achieve 5 More E-mails

-Get 3 Products sales

-Get 10 PPC


-Have 3 Blogposts written and published ____

-Have a new GoogleAd campaign running ____

-Contact John Mayer to have a direct link to my site on his ____

-Use Jaaxy and find a new niche to start running on ____

-Write 1 blog post on WA to network ____

-Fix an appointment with the accountant to verify the bills ____

Now this is a purely invented daily battle blan , but it does give you the formula on how to write it and use it.

A weekly battle plan is the same , written although once a week , and it usually summarize how the past week went in terms of sales , performance , follows up and whatever your statistics are , and defines what will and should be, the goals and targets for the coming week.

I personally like to write it on paper , for me , it just adds more value to it. but you can do it anywhere.

Hope this in someway helps some of you.

Have a nice evening to all of you :D

Cheers , Andrea Monti

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JeffDolson Premium
A daily agenda is good to have.
janmar Premium
Having a plan is great for creating focus.
AnthonyMLM Premium
Thanks for sharing
JudeP Premium
Thanks for your take on this :)