Mind Boggling Adventures, Detours And.Lessons

Last Update: June 28, 2018

Hey Everyone!

I have been a bit quiet here...

I feel like I have been in the trenches and only made back to open land!

Pheww....There is light!

Here are my adventures while I was MIA

After completing Entrepreneur training, I must admit I slacked off in my content writing. In hindsight, I think I had the ol' school programming running, the one that says go to school complete a semester or year, pass your exams and wait for the next one.. I was waiting for the next thing to do.....I realise this programming has made us/me not take initiative.

In my 'frustration' one I created myself - I dove into the web to look for the next quick money making tool. The Shiny New Object Syndrome got to me! funny how we or rather I thought that would never be me! HA the jokes on me!

I would certainly love to hear other peoples comments on this part -what shiny object syndrome has got to you?

I went in on this shiny syndrome like an addict in need of a fix! well I believe I got my fix.....

What I learned in my spliff detour is worth it

But I would not want to do it ever again!

I learned

  • Wealthy Affiliate is the best foundation to get you started online.
  • There are PLENTY of money making opportunities online but....(next point)
  • I have to start somewhere I cannot expect to run before I can crawl all those so called gurus started where I am.
  • Not to run ahead - Better be slow with consistency than run with no direction
  • Be patient -I think I need this said in another way. Be Okay with your pace.
  • Stay focused - I nearly quit my job before I was ready to,there is a time for everything, and everything will happen in perfect timing.
  • I admit I also learned some cool tricks and tips...then I also learned there is plenty of those cool tricks and tips all around I only need to pick which one to run with.

I Learned that to start your own business is a whole new other level of Mindset.

  • I cannot bring my 9-5 mentality! that will not cut it!
  • I cannot bring my old ways of learning! that is outdated.
  • I am a different person when it comes to my business and I must admit I love this person more!
  • Running your own business at home means creating other rules for yourself, the ones I currently have do not suit this new lifestyle.

I took a month off work, I was able to relax and map out what I want. With a timely message from Eric Cantu, I was able to snap back to reality and re-visit my goals.

I have begun Boot Camp training, I love that my pages are getting indexed fast, in a week I had 4 indexed pages on my brand new make money online site really surprised.

I think Boot Camp is a better beginner training, I find that it equips me for the online marketing world more than the Entrepreneur does,

For those who have done both what is your take ?

Moving on...

I am slowing down with laser focus and purpose.....

I can't stand those shiny new objects....Grrrrrr LOL

Now back to business! Nearly Midnight here in the UK

Have A Wonderful TIme

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excellent post....boot camp here i come
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