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A wise mentor told me, the best investment in this game of life is in the wise productive use of time, money and thoughts!It never made sense - I wanted to hear that hard work and learning is the best investment ever, but you can be hard-working and learn but if all that is not put in productive use it is meaningless.It is my chief aim from henceforth to invest in the wise productive use my time, money and thoughts.When I joined WA my eyes were on the money - because money would give me the fre
Hey Everyone!I have been a bit quiet here...I feel like I have been in the trenches and only made back to open land!Pheww....There is light!Here are my adventures while I was MIAAfter completing Entrepreneur training, I must admit I slacked off in my content writing. In hindsight, I think I had the ol' school programming running, the one that says go to school complete a semester or year, pass your exams and wait for the next one.. I was waiting for the next thing to do.....I realise this progr
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Someone once told me to read The Four Hour Chef by Tim Ferris, my first thought was ' not another cook book' I am glad I read it, and I live to tell of its wonders.This is not your average cook book; the book is meant to be consumed in small dozes, you pick your adventure and run with it.This book is about learning to succeed or to be a master in all that you embark on.Meta-Learning is the adventure that got my attention, META is where you learn to mimic the world's fastest learners. Armed wit
I am taking a moment to pat myself on my back, inviting you to do the same.It is in our nature to beat ourselves down for not doing enough, we are our biggest critics. This then begins a path of doubt, a lose of focus and eventually giving up.I look back at what I have achieved since joining WA a couple of weeks ago and I am amazed.Built a website, it got ranked and indexed by Google, written 10 articles, I know about keyword research, niches, joined affiliate programs, making new friends here
ProgessA week ago I joined WA. It has surpassed my expecations.I am currently heading over to Course 3.The training is extensive, the training is simple too. I have been swimming, nearly drowning in the web looking for THE one training. WA has given me much more in a week than all the other little training I have done in the past 7 months! I cannot wait to learn some more.I feel like a pro in keyword research and Niches. I am getting better at content writing, reminding myself not to write essa
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April 15, 2018
I woke up this morning,Determined to continue with the WA Course.I log in here and a message pops up!Congratulations! Your website has been indexed in Google! WTH! I don't know what that means! but it sure looks like great news!My website is two days young wth 3 posts, privacy policy, about me, and one keyword rich blog.Excited to move step at a time.
April 12, 2018
Woop! Woop!Completed first part of the training!This is by far the most simple to follow training I have been through.Never did I feel overwhelmed or lost!I love it and I know that I am in the Company of Amazing people!Thanks