It's Not A Race, It's A Marathon

Last Update: April 16, 2018


A week ago I joined WA. It has surpassed my expecations.

I am currently heading over to Course 3.

The training is extensive, the training is simple too. I have been swimming, nearly drowning in the web looking for THE one training. WA has given me much more in a week than all the other little training I have done in the past 7 months! I cannot wait to learn some more.

I feel like a pro in keyword research and Niches. I am getting better at content writing, reminding myself not to write essays like I am in school Lol

I am a first time cat owner, like a new parent, one may be too overwhelmed with information coming from all directions hence, I created a niche along this lines.

I was so proud to receive the message that my website has been indexed in google.

I was excited to learn about keyword research as taught by Kyle! he really goes indepth. It helped me pick my niche and be confident in it.

I am proud of the steps I have taken! I do not rush it, neither do I slow down.

My aim is to have atleast 3 websites actively running in the next 3 months ( I had already started on two before I joined WA)

And in the next 6 months I hope to be doing this full-time. I love pointing people in the right direction, online world has given me the opportunity to BE that person.

Thank you Kyle, Carson and all you Awesome WA Members

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Allwhys72 Premium
Wow love your enthusiasm and ambition Stacy...loving the learning too and like you felt so overwhelmed with so much information out there in internet land ..WA breaks it down step by step and you feel like you’ve learnt so much so quickly don’t you..awesome stuff keep it up !