Best Investment: Wise Productive Use Of Time, Money And Thoughts.

Last Update: July 04, 2018

A wise mentor told me, the best investment in this game of life is in the wise productive use of time, money and thoughts!

It never made sense - I wanted to hear that hard work and learning is the best investment ever, but you can be hard-working and learn but if all that is not put in productive use it is meaningless.

It is my chief aim from henceforth to invest in the wise productive use my time, money and thoughts.

When I joined WA my eyes were on the money - because money would give me the freedom I desire, but at what expense?

I sense that I am no longer desiring money as the key to my freedom, instead success is beggining to mean something different. I have fine tuned my goals, I have a definate aim and plan of action.

How am I going to achieve this?

Wise Productive Use of Time

I noticed on joining WA business, I neglected time with family/friends - not even texts, I kept telling them I am busy. Other areas of my life were affected too, my house was not to my standards anymore .... etc ... etc.....

Moving on - I will be making scheduled time for:

  • WA business
  • My Job
  • My Partner and I
  • My Family
  • My Friends
  • Time to Play/outings
  • TIme For House Chores: laundry, Meal Preps, Shopping, Cleaning, Chilling
  • Me Time (things I love to do, like read, meditate, nap,walk)

Not in that order - Lol. Allocating time means that my mind will be at peace, free from worrying about tasks that need to be done, I will be able to concentrate on and finish my tasks.

Wise Productive Use Of Money

The B word - BUDGETING!

2 years ago I heard of Dave Ramsey and followed his famous baby steps - which show you how to get out of debt, save money and build wealth. I learned how to budget, plan my meals and shopping, got great results from sticking and following the budget. I was able to pay off all my debts and have a substantial amount of savings without adding another income stream.

I put a halt to budgeting about 9 months ago, I noticed recently that I had no grip of what was happening in my account and yes I was starting to dip so deep into my savings - I was going back to my old self! I got a massive wake up call - drastic change was needed.

I realise I had set low goals for my previous way of budgeting, when those goals were met, I no longer felt the need to budget.

My goal is the wise productive use of money - this will be achieved by keeping an account of my income and expenditure, planning where my money will go, how much I get to keep, give and have fun with. I will be revisiting my budget sheets, updating accordingly.

I will approach this with the 70-30 rule. Spend 70% Save 10% Give 10% Invest 10%

Ps if you need help to get started on budgeting let me know or if you need more tips let me know - I believe I can be of assistance. Please note I do not mean accounting type of budgeting, I am not a professional accountant. How to get started, in the beginning it is usually a bit hard to find bearing of where to begin, but I can give you the directions saving you the hassle of figuring out where to start.

Wise Productive Use of Thoughts:

I have had it said too often that our thoughts create reality. A thought producing motor elements reproduces itself!

"As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." - Is one of the rules governing this game of life.

There are two lectures; mental diets, mind and speech by Neville Goddard which opened me up to the world of mind, inner conversations, thoughts and speech.

I was once totally unaware of the mental activity which goes on within me, I believed that my thoughts were often times involuntary, that there was nothing I could do about them.

"Thinking follows the tracks laid down in one's own inner conversations."

All of us can realize our objectives by the wise use of mind and speech. Neville God

Watching our thoughts should be a constant practice in us.

It is about our mental activity.

I will achieve this aim by:

Having a mental awareness of the activities in my mind, keep it aligned with my goals and aim in life.

  • Be mindful of my inner conversations for they reveal my state of mind.
  • Pay attention to my thoughts, only give energy to those thoughts that are lovely.
  • Invest time in feeding my mind empowering things through audio books, lectures, seminars, reading books
  • Meditation: Being still, calming my mind from its daily activity being grateful.

I am mapping out this new blueprint in my life! I aim to begin implementing next week.

This is to the beginning of a newly organised Life Cheers!

The rules governing the game of life are simple, but it takes a lifetime of practice to use them wisely.

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