SWOT analysis

Last Update: July 24, 2019

Like any business, I decided to do SWOT analysis on myself. By doing this I will hopefully understand where I am and where I need to be

S - strength

- willingness to learn affiliate marketing

- confidence to do it

- Believing it’s possible

- Willing to help others

- Ability to write freely

W - weakness

- shiny object syndrome

- Time management as I work aroung 45-50 hrs a week plus 10 hrs of commute. So upto 60 hrs a week

- Not much experience of affiliate marketing

- Struggling to execute learning (taking action)

- Mental block (fear of not succeeding, investing too much time etc).

- Keyword research

- Generating content ideas

- Innovative and compelling content on the same topic

O - Opportunities

- Wealth of knowledge to be gained at WA

- Networking with like minded and expertise here at WA

- 50 free websites and hence opportunity to enter 50 potentially different niches

- Other benefits of hosting a website such as site comments and site feedback

T - Threats

- Fierce competition and saturation in blogging

- Google and other search engines constantly changing their algorithms and making it more difficult to rank

- Plenty of scams and hence we have to work harder to win people's confidence

- The harsh fact that your content will be stale in no time and hence you have to constantly update your content in line with search engine's algorithms

My Plan

I will have to address my weaknesses NOW. I will start off with committing to atleast 4 hours on content creation which includes identifying keywords and customer personas. I will do this by practising and undergoing more training. I will have to create time for this by either doing early mornings or late nights and more importantly focus on this and not getting distracted.

I will have to work on my illusional fears by meditating and by being consistent in my training and training. As far as external factors (opportunities and threats) are concerned, I will eventually get there as there isn't anything I can do about it. You can only control internal (strengths and weaknesses) factors

Thank you for reading and hopefully I will succeed in my dream if generating some passive income initially and being financially free eventually

Please feel free to share your opinions and ideas on this

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mmussehl Premium
Awesome plan!
anand1209 Premium
Thank you
Palatia Premium Plus
Nice. Great way to assess all the factors and make a plan I think I'll try this tonight.
Joes946 Premium
anand1209 Premium
Thank you
Joes946 Premium
Great post! Great start - you're going to make it at WA!
anand1209 Premium
Thank you Joe for your comment and motivation