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Hi everyone, I've just created my first post on my blog and I wanted to shorten a video for this post. This is how I found out about a handy site to crop Youtube videos before adding them: Maybe it's something you could use as well, I find it very handy to be able to only share a section of the video.
April 23, 2014
Hi everyone, I recently found out how to create buttons and download icons for free, so I thought I should share it with you :) On this site you can download free icons, like the checkmark and "X" I used in my comparison tables like the one here: With this site you can create your own button for free. I have created a "visit site" button that I used o
April 18, 2014
Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know that I've created a free logo at Could you tell me what you think? I'm wondering if it's the right size for my website. With the all in one favicon plugin I got it to place next to the title of my site in the address bar.
April 11, 2014
Hi everyone, Just wanted to share that I found out today how to check my ranking in google, bing and yahoo with and it turns out I'm on the first page on Bing with my keyword: travel and work in australia! I don't know if this is easy, this is my first website ever, but I was quite happy with it :) Still have to set up google analytics, but first I have to finish the framework of my site and then start with monetizing..
April 04, 2014
Hi everyone, I just wanted to share this video because it helped me to easily automate backups using the UpdraftPlus plugin for my site. I couldn't figure it out with the video about backing up here at WA and I got some errors on the way because I just started my google drive and did not have the Drive API service activated. I am not an expert so I can't help you with any problems, I just found this useful and would like to share it because it might be helpful for you as well. https://www.youtu
Hi everyone! After some thinking I decided to go premium :) I think the opportunities are endless and I have so many ideas for different sites and I am eager to learn how to set this up! I would like to start with one site first. This will be about my planning to work and travel in Australia, and after the foundation is finished I am going to set up sites in the health niche. Working together would be great, especially with people who have the same focus on travelling and health. I would love t