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Last Update: February 06, 2016
Niche!!!! I knew what the definition of a niche was I simple could not find one that I was possionate about or that was easy for me to deal with. So I decided that bootcamp would be easier. I know a more positive attitude makes the work easier. I have ortheoarthritis and every so often I have to get up and stretch. I am setting at my desk ( I love my desk) surrounded by all my stuff I get up and my notebooks and cane fall. Now Arthur ( that is what I call my ortheoarthritis we are old friends) is not a happy camper today and he is clicking and cracking about having to bend to pick stuff that I seem to keep dropping. Now after dropping the cane for the second time on the floor ( better it then me) The light bulb went on Arthur is a niche not a passion more of a pain in the you know what Lol. Now Kyle said anything a niche, I just never thought that Arthur could be useful. Now I know my target group, and I know what they want and need. Now I need to drill this down to an area my group would be most interested in. I decided on health care products and assistive aids. I found an affiliate program for the niche. Now I am going to go back and finish bootcamp. I find that I am excited about the new niche, I have a lot of idea about how I can expand it. Ok so now that Arthur has turn into a niche he is becoming just a little bit passionate, and eventully less painful. You just never know where that NICHE is going to turn up.
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