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Niche!!!! I knew what the definition of a niche was I simple could not find one that I was possionate about or that was easy for me to deal with. So I decided that bootcamp would be easier. I know a more positive attitude makes the work easier. I have ortheoarthritis and every so often I have to get up and stretch. I am setting at my desk ( I love my desk) surrounded by all my stuff I get up and my notebooks and cane fall. Now Arthur ( that is what I call my ortheoarthritis we are old friend
It is 4:30 in the morning my day off and i set at computer trying to think of someting to blog about. The fact that i am not a writer is not helping. I have been at the WA for a while now have not accomplished much this being my fault. You see i have some old friends that i need to get rid of starting with: self-doubt, procrastination, the next best thing syndrome--this one was a problem until the light blub went on. everything i need to learn can be found in one place the WAU, with a community