Created a new website, Wait That's 2 Wealthy Affiliate Promo Sites!

Last Update: June 28, 2019

Created a new website, Wait That's 2 Wealthy Affiliate Promo Sites!

The reason why I created a new website, wait... TWO websites to promote Wealthy Affiliate may inspire you.

My main Wealthy Affiliate promotional website is doing great! I have many first page posts and I will keep creating posts for that. This new website will also be a Wealthy Affiliate promotional website.

The thought behind this is that it will push me and challenge me more.

"So, there ya have it. I decided to go ahead and purchase a new website domain and have new-found excitement!"

There are so many ways you can direct traffic and promote Wealthy Affiliate.

This will be a fresh perspective from a whole new angle!

I have been a part of the SAC challenge and thought I would start this challenge all over with a fresh new website. Late I know, this is part of what will drive me to succeed even more.

The Challenge

Are you the type of person who thrives better with a deadline and/or challenge? That is how I am.

"The thrill of working profusely in anxious excitement is my secret to success."

Feel Good Stress, yes it does exist :)

Being on the edge of stress knowing I might not get the project done on time gives me that needed boot in the rear end.

Does stress drive you to succeed?

If you can turn anxiety and stress into a big ball of energy, this can be a great motivator. If you want my tips with this, please feel free to PM me or ask here in the comments okay.

Succeed with a deadline

It is important to still have faith that you can and will succeed.

When I have a deadline, do you know what drives me to succeed? It is the fear and curiosity of the unknown.

Life happens and throws curve balls. This means that I simply get to it and work efficiently without wasting time.

How do you keep from wasting time?

"I need a challenge to keep me on the ball and keep me from wasting time."

Time waster

It is in my nature to enjoy life and smell the roses, so to speak... every rose.

I wear rose colored glasses and see butterflies and rainbows everywhere I look. Yep, a positive spin can be applied everywhere and in every situation. Even in the worst of situations.

This also means that to enjoy life, I must essentially waste time. (Other peoples perspective)

If you can find a way to live mostly stress free and happy, DO IT... it is so totally worth it!!!

Experiment: New Website

Two Wealthy Affiliate Websites

This is my little experiment. It seems silly to me to make two websites for promoting WA, does it seem silly to you? LOL, let me know what you think :) I can take it.

Just as in rising to the surface after a day of deep water diving, you gotta go at a steady pace, a bit slow yet with haste and one objective in mind.

"This is my silly way to swim to the top, jewels in hand." ;)


I was reminded today in the live chat area about FOCUS

When we lose focus, we start to swim away from our point of destination.

A lil story...

Deep down under, there is a glint in the smooth sand... it is far away but almost seems tangible. You start to swim towards it and then you see something else that is shiny

(shiny object syndrome)

You swim in the new shiny direction. "Hey it seems closer and easier"

Next up is distracting sea creatures (this could be anything in your way)

You decide to observe and enjoy it all the while, losing website of that original shiny object

(Your Website/Business)

If you lose sight of building your website, you may give up before you enjoy its real value!

We always wonder how to attain our desires. Remember, if you choose too many directions, you may be missing out on the real treasure you were hoping for.

Keep your FOCUS and swim towards your real destination.

It may mean you need more challenges to be able to focus. That is me. Give me the challenge.

"I intend to swim fast, with focus, as if a shark is closing in behind me."

What is a good motivator for you?

What helps you to keep your focus?

Lets rise up in this challenge together and meet at the surface! See you at the top ;)

If you have many websites, just one or maybe you have yet to start a website, hopefully you can find some inspiration in this post. Creating a new website is fun, especially with the help of Wealthy Affiliate. The excitement of even more success is part of the reason why I created a new website to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

Thank you for stopping by, if you enjoyed my post please give me a like and throw in a fun comment okay :)

Have a swimmingly wonderful day!


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nellp1964 Premium
Good post you have a lot of energy and keep moving forward.
Amelita Premium
Thank you
I will need that energy in order to keep up with a new website, the SAC as well as the other business stuff :)
Time to keep chasing the dream!
ewolfanger22 Premium
Whatever works for you Amelita. Some would say you’re goofy, but you have the option of ignoring them. You just do what you think is best.

Amelita Premium
LOL, thank you. Your comment made me chuckle :)
All the best to you Eric
starfalex123 Premium
Amelita,thank for sharing with us congrats do you think. Many blessings to you.
Amelita Premium
Thank you and blessings to you as well :)
Wdcope Premium
I have always worked because of the type of business I was in when it was stressful and most challenging. Many do not, but glad to hear how it motivates you.

I actually have 2 other sites. Neither are specific just for WA, but on one I advertise for WA and Jaaxy along with other digital and info products.
My main focus is the MMO site with WA, but I am testing several different aspects of advertising and promotion with them as well. See how it all goes in the end.

I also have a new client for a brick and mortar store that I will be doing their website and advertising for. Many things at a time, but I have always worked that way.
Good post
Take care,
Amelita Premium
You seem to have motivation for business hardwired naturally. That is so awesome Bill :)

Thank you so much for sharing your personal experience.

It can be challenging jumping around to different task through the day but if you can keep it all organized, more power to you.

Ha, I think I do quite well at that though am thinking of becoming a "post it" fan :)
FKelso Premium
Your stress energy is what I call a "sense of urgency." If you can get it from trying to meet a deadline, it's a good thing. Cultivating a sense of urgency as you work on your business is good, because it causes you to focus and gives you drive to move forward.
Amelita Premium
Yes, great way to word it. Glad to have you adding value to this post.
Finding that drive is a major step towards success.
LuigiCappel Premium
I need a love this button. Well done Amelita. I totally agree with the pressure. I work best under (good) stress. You have a limited amount of time and the job has to be completed. No to distractions:)
Amelita Premium
Awe, thank you for your outreach.
Yes, good stress... It is truly motivating right :)

Glad you enjoyed this post Luigi
All the best to you