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Last Update: January 20, 2019

Hello brothers and sisters,

Isn't it so much more amazing to succeed all together? Yet it takes hard and cooperation and we don't always remind ourselves to remind, motivate and empower people around us to keep the hard work, as it will pay off.

Words Only Are Not Enough

I sometimes wish that wishes alone change somebody's life for the best. But we all know that wishes without the work are nothing.
And the work alone without the proper method, training, tricks and strategies will neither pay off.

This is why I want to share today with you two simple tricks that my brother who is studying web design taught me yesterday.

Power Of Colors And Bold Text

The title says it all. Colors and bold text are your friend and SEO love them as well. Writing an article, use both colors and bold text to emphasis important information and have SEO on your side.


    There is a whole science and studies behind this advice.

    The human we are, tend to follow the colors or rather their path in an article like a kid with a color book, however, unlike a kid, adult will read the sentences between the first and the second color almost unconsciously.

    Colors make your article reader friendly but not only, to make a better use of color, here is for you a print screen from The Healing Power Of Arts And Artists:

    PS: Don't turn your article in a painting

    Bold Text

      We usually use bold text only for title and few words but bold text are more than just what they are actually used for.

      Fact and reality is that SEO takes bold text in consideration more than you actually think.

      Therefore, what you want to be doing is to bold all important word in your article especially your keyword.

      Another reason why you want to use bold is that they perform like a color, they capture the reader attention who then want to know what next.

      PS: Don't turn your article into a "bold's porridge"

      Images To The Left Or To The Right?


      According to research and studies, humans always see what's in their left side first, yet know one has noticed it.

      Make the experiment by yourself, your eyes will automatically land on the left whenever you try to look at something.

      To see what is in the right side you must consciously drive your eyes and attention to the right.

      How Does This Profit You?

      If writing an article, the image send a stronger message than my text, then I want the reader to first see my Image. Therefore I should put my image to the left and my text to the right and vice versa.

      PS: They are exception and at the end, the most important is to express yourself the best you can, bend the rules, don't break them.

      I Love You All

      Thank you for taking your time to read this post, I hope it helps more than one.

      If you have a trick or an advice, an information, a critic, please don't hesitate to share it in the comment session below.

      God blesses all of you twice more than he blesses me. Keep on the hard work.

      As I was about to post this blog, I received a WA notification mail about the brother Dmonyer who posted a blog with the title: "Amazon Commission! My first one! I am rich!"

      You may want to check it out as it may inspire you to work harder.

      Thank you ALL with much LOVE


      Because Together Is Stronger

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      dragonfly10 Premium
      Great post and very insightful. The color ideas are just what I needed. I have tagged this for future reference. Thank you for your time.
      Amedome Premium
      Hi Sandy, thank you for your comment. As soon as I have something worth to be taught, you can count on me to share with the community