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Last Update: January 15, 2019

What Is WA Or WealthyAffiliate

The name speaks for itself but not as well as the experience will. Looking for a platform to learn online business, I have come across a lot, tried few of them but quite almost as fast as I joined.

Few years after my last experience, I just gave up the idea to make money online, indeed in my opinion all those programs were nothing but scam.

However something was wrong in my approach. I could not stop wondering why would someone invest so much in advertising something that does not sell?

The answer was clear, it's paying off. At that point I was decided and ready to be part of the group of the scammer.

So I have found a first program but it was too expensive for my current financial situation. I needed a place to learn the basic, for free.

God blessed me, I came across a video that was painting WA as a scam but what was great about that video was that it makes the fact that WA is a scam, the reason to join.

And so I did, I've joined to have my own opinion.

And if you want to know what in my opinion is WA, simple.

WA for me is a family, a place were you are given all the instruments and tools to succeed, a place where the last thing you will miss is the help.

To really apprehend what is WA, you must know what WA is not?

What WA Is Not

The first thing I have ever noticed joining WA, is that unlike most of its competitors who promise easy and fast money, WA promise only the training.

And if you are smart, you should know that nothing such as quick and easy money exist.

But knowledge is success and er for who step out of his comfort zone to put his knowledge in application.and this is what WA bout.

WA is NOT a platform where you down you name, and go to bed waiting for a miracle.

WA is not a place where you make easy.

In one sentence, WA is not for a lazy person,

My Goals

My for tomorrow, for the next week, for the next three months, for the next six months is incredibly the same: Follow the training, learn as much as possible work hard and smart until it pay

I'm giving myself three years to fully stop being somebody's employee. And I'm counting on all of you members of the WA family to help me through your advice and training.

Let me know in the comment session what you think about my goals.

I'm a very open person so don't hesitate to speak your mind the way you feel.

Thank You For Your Time

I Love You All


Because Together Is Stronger

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merlynmac Premium
I see you joined in December. Welcome. I also see that you've gone Premium. Congratulations.

You nailed it when you said "Follow the training". If you follow the training and apply what you've learned, you'll do great.

Your right, WA is like family. I'd argue the community is the best part of this platform.
Amedome Premium
The community is definitely the best part of this platform. Thank you for adding that and lets rock all together
LCEndahl Premium
Your goals rock. Welcome, we are family here. =) Laura
Amedome Premium
Thank you my dear, and yes we are a real family here