Wind Blowing For Flying Kites

Last Update: June 12, 2020

In these days, wind blowing for flying kites. So that, many of boys are going to send kite on the air. From my room, I can see more kites in the sky they are flaying.

When I seeing them, I could see several kites are in the same or some little changes in the high when comparing from the ground. But, sometime one of them is getting round and round and then it is coming down from the sky. But, a little time, that kite takes a step to go up the sky with little changes of last state.

After getting stable that kite, then one of others, is doing same thing, getting round and round and within little time it comes level with less or more than the last state in the sky.

However, I checked what the trouble with these kites is, I could understand the some owners of the kites are not with them. Then, kites are doing their actions or some wind power will totally impact to them to do such actions. But, some of the kites Owens are doing their involvement and take action to go up in the sky.

What is I mean, like these kites our online business, if we not involving them, it is automatically going down on Google, Once we did more efforts to took on first page, we should do more efforts to keep on same level or push to up in the search engine. Same thing happened such kites have, if we not engaging with our online business, it is going down. But, if we are with them and doing efforts to control and take action to go up that is the way we can success online business.

That means do more efforts to success without efforts no success can see future.

As a newcomer,

Modified:Regularly publish articles at least 3 posts per week

And do more engaging after publishing it, like create videos, audios, social media posting, pdf files and slide shows too. Same as you can modify or adding more into published posts.

This is the little strategy to take action without going down in ranking or getting traffic. I think, this will help you to think your blog pages.

Thanks and I will suggest, if you have comment that is important for me.



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gnoose Premium
A good analogy, thanks for sharing.

AmazeCPS Premium
Hi, Greg, you are welcome
Dorrie1 Premium Plus
Very good advice
AmazeCPS Premium
thanks, Dorrie.
GazBower Premium
Hello Sam, I like your comparison to the kites.
You have to pay constant attention to what it is doing an correct it flight if necessary.

Best wishes and stay safe.
AmazeCPS Premium
Thanks Gaz and stay safe and well
Babou3 Premium
This is very useful advice, thank you.

AmazeCPS Premium
Thanks and you are welcome Ingrid
james5273 Premium
Thanks for your advice Sam!
AmazeCPS Premium
Thanks, You are welcome James