Why Some People Find It Difficult To The Succeed.

Last Update: July 29, 2020

Think about it, most of us really strive for success. And we dedicate many things in our lives to success. Many of us have learned a lot. We know that we have a lot of potential, but it's very difficult to achieve the success we hope for. This experience is shared by 99% of people who are looking for success in life and trying to do something.

And when we work hard like this, we often see something else, that is, many people who are not as talented, who are not as educated as we are, who are at a lower level of life than us, succeed in life in a very special way. This experience is best if you are someone who does a job in general, and you have seen children who are more incompetent in school than you are living a very high life today.

Why is it so difficult for us to achieve the success we think we have, despite our abilities, effort, desire and dedication?

Remember, the reason for this is that although we are clever, we do not have a system that we need to go to our success. Succeeding is a different subject. Getting practiced to singing well and getting practiced to being successful are two things. Many of us confuse those two, and that's the mess in our lives. We think that talent and ability lead us to success, but not really. If you want to succeed, you must really succeed in nothing but the pursuit of "success."

Find out about the most popular songs in any country in the world. Find out about the famous singers who sing those songs. They are not the best in the country. If you look closely you can easily find that there are plenty of people who know more about music than they do, but most of the time no one even knows them.

No one listens to their songs. No matter how beautiful their songs are, they are not as popular as other songs. Because despite their talent, they do not have the system they need to succeed as a singer. They have not mastered the subject of success in the arts of music and singing.

In 2013, a painting by American artist Barnett Newman sold for $ 44 million. This image has only a white line drawn right in the middle on a blue background. But he makes $ 44 million from it. Can you imagine how many millions of times more beautiful paintings are being sold around the world for less money? Why don't they make millions?

The answer is simple, but they do not have the system to succeed. They are good at drawing, but they do not know how to use their drawing to build success. It is the ignorance of this system that has always made us fail.

We Have Great System

There are enough institutions all over the world to impart knowledge. But how many institutions are there in the world that use that knowledge to teach you how to be successful?

Every day that we build the life we want and spend it without success deprives us of the time we have to enjoy life as a successful human being. So whoever you are, you need to change your life and ensure success in life as soon as possible.

For that, I think we have a good system, leaders like Kyle, Carson and Jay who train us and a great supportive community. Then, what we need to more to reach the success, I think, with interest, effort and commitment, it will not be difficult for us to achieve the success.

What Do You think, it is plasure to share your comments

Good Luck All of you.


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Debbi26 Premium
I can NOT even imagine paying $40 for that piece of art unless I needed the canvas for a pix I was trying to create myself. Yet, one time I saw a piece of art in a DC museum that was nothing but black. I supposed art (like beauty) is in the eyes of the beholder. It's worth is what anyone is willing to pay and some people have more money than sense.

Having said all that, we DO have a good system here. It's just a matter of taking action.

AmazeCPS Premium
Yes, Debbi, I also think that, but it is the way. Thanks for your comments
Rich908 Premium
Never loose sight of your goals, great post
AmazeCPS Premium
Thanks you
WelcomeMM Premium
An ancient writer wrote these words, "The fastest runner does not always win the race, and the strongest warrior doesn't always win the battle. The wise sometimes go hungry, and the skillful are not necessarily wealthy. And those who are educated don't lead successful lives. It is all decided by chance, by being in the right place at the right time"

Thanks for sharing the greater wisdom and the importance of following a system.
AmazeCPS Premium
Yes, that is the truth from the environment. Thanks you.
Lea15 Premium
You're absolutely right, I also sometimes wonder how it goes in life that education is not the biggest indicator of making money.Only some kind of talent that can't be put in a jar gives it an x factor. And I know it's there in everyone.
AmazeCPS Premium
Of course. thanks
Brian208 Premium
You wrote a very entertaining and educational article. Thanks for sharing.
AmazeCPS Premium
thank and happy about