My Thoughts So Far!

Last Update: May 24, 2018

So I've been on WA for about a week and I'm ecstatic at all I've learned. I am about to finish up level 2 and I am addicted to completing tasks (probably a little of my OCD showing through). i have read articles upon articles about writing blogs and nothing has been this comprehensive.

I am an art teacher and my first blog is dedicated to hand-lettering and typography, but I plan to start a few more in other art niches. I am proud to have wrote a few articles that are actually 1000+ words, which I was worried I wouldn't be able to do.

In the next three months I would like to turn some profit on my blog, I'm not expecting any miracles, but hopefully with the help of WA I will have generated some revenue. In 6 months I would love to have at least one other blog well on it's way. I am truly so excited about this opportunity and to be part of this community!

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stay focused Premium
Hi Alyssa and Welcome!
I'm just entering my 4th mo. and can
see the progress one blog at a time!
Lot's to learn with a Great Compay
and Community!
Best Wishes,
MB83 Premium
The key is to stick with it. Three months from now when still haven't earned a cent you need to have this same enthusiasm and if you do by the six month mark the sales will be rolling in.
PowerInMe Premium
The thoughts you have shared will be a big encouragement to others just beginning with WA. Thank you much success in reaching whatever your goal might be.