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This may not sound like much, but this is the first time I have seen over 100 visits on my site, and it happened before 10am! I am so excited to see that some of my hard work is paying off (ive spent 4+ hours daily since I started on this endeavor)! I had been thinking that my views were related to how much I posted on this website and that it likely wasn't actually people searching for my information, but I am thinking that might not be the case! I have been actively updating my business insta
So, I know it has only been one week, but I have already written 5 articles, completed 2 levels of training, and started a social media for my site. I am feeling more confident with every step I take with WA, and I can reassure you, it gets easier. I feel like I have so many tools to be successful here, and there's no need to worry. There's a nice quick update for you all, and in other news, summer break for teachers starts tomorrow so I am going to be spending A LOT of time on my blog. I'm psy
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May 24, 2018
So I've been on WA for about a week and I'm ecstatic at all I've learned. I am about to finish up level 2 and I am addicted to completing tasks (probably a little of my OCD showing through). i have read articles upon articles about writing blogs and nothing has been this comprehensive. I am an art teacher and my first blog is dedicated to hand-lettering and typography, but I plan to start a few more in other art niches. I am proud to have wrote a few articles that are actually 1000+ words, whic