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Last Update: April 13, 2016

Since this is a community about learning and sharing, I thought I'd share a hard-earned lesson, and ask for a little advice.

I started a website at the end of February. More than half of my pages had about two graphics a piece that I created. After a couple weeks, I turned a critical eye to the graphics. They looked amateurish. They lost quality when I turned them into JPEGs from PowerPoint. They just weren't creating the look and feel on my website that I was going for. Up to that point, my pages were ranking anywhere from Google Page 2 to Google Page 6, on average.

And then, I deleted my graphics and I really liked the clean look of my webpages.

My Google Page Rankings started sinking like stones! I'm talking from Page 4 to Page 15, then 16, then 18 and falling.

My best guess is that Google considered those graphics to be original, and therefore helpful, content. None of my competitors had those graphics. I'm going to make better graphics and put them back in my content!

Two questions for you:

1. Do you think that when I deleted the graphics it caused my page rankings to plummet?

2. Is there a better file format to use for web graphics besides JPEGs for better quality and clarity?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!


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SadieChan Premium
I do understand that any major change in your old post is going to affect your ranking as Google algorithm does not detect the original file. But it may not be necessary to the downward direction. If you add more relevant information, improve on the keywords, it can actually help in the ranking instead.
crazyjoe Premium
Images are very important for SEO strategy...

You should always include 1 or 2 photos in your post....depending on the length of the article.

You should also name the images with the keyword you are targetting and use the same keyword for the ALT tags of the image.
MHainsworth Premium
Hi images are liked by Google especially if they have alt tags and are relevant. It also helps reader experience which is a big plus and many social media networks only use images so Google recognises that they have sharing potential.

I have found either JPG or PNG seem to work fine but it depends on the quality of the original, maybe that is your problem. I'm not a great graphics software expert but there are others here that know more in this area.
AriefWibowo Premium
Good questions. Camping here for another member that knows the answers.
AlyssaBaron Premium
Thanks, me too :)