Daily Meditation

Last Update: December 12, 2015

Engaging in daily meditation has helped me:

  • deal with situations and people that used to frustrate or anger me
  • be more productive
  • be more aware

Having less going on in my mind—and fewer things lingering around in my mind—has made it easy for me to more fully understand situations and people.

Most of the time, whatever people are doing or saying to you, I have found, has nothing (or very little) to do with you and is actually just a build-up on their part... Built up anger, built up frustration, etc. All these things make it easy for them to "snap".

People who have a lot of this "build up" need distractions. Why? To distract them from making peace with whatever is bothering them.

Distractions are great, but they don't solve any problem—they keep you looking the other way. They keep your productivity down because they make it harder to think.

Does anyone make you feel uneasy? Last time you were stuck in traffic, did you get mad? Why did you really get mad?

Stress is the best thing for absolutely no one. Do yourself a favor and sort it out. You will become more calm, more aware, and more productive and successful!

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soucss Premium
Me too I do meditation, and I've taken Reiki courses, both work wonders. Thanks for sharing, cheers, Sylvie :)
paulgoodwin Premium
I am very pleased that you are able to find the way to help with the stress which surround the daily lives and for me it is walking in the forest with my German Shepard as this gives me clear head and also good excercise Best regards Paul
playfulheart Premium
I do a meditation in the morning and a shorter one at night and that has been very helpful for me.
jamesraff Premium
Yes indeed, daily Meditation has also helped me. It truly does allow to clear the mind.
pattucker Premium
Absolutely agree, the stress of being frustrated is not good for anyone.