Mixed Metaphors

Last Update: Mar 19, 2017


March 17 broke with bright sunshine and temperatures that got to the 70s, snow still very much on the mountains - a great day to get to the city to pay my bills. What comes in seems to go out just as fast.

Acknowledging St Patrick's Day, and celebrating my parents' 73rd wedding anniversary (they haven't been around for quite a few years but celebrations appear still to be in order), I chose my green and celebratory costume, and set out.

I enjoyed the TRAX trip to town with a carriage of special needs children all in their green. My green frog puppet and my penny whistle (a joke in the name - they come in now at $15) got a real work out.

Once in the city I encountered a problem. Enter a new niche. Lots of other colored costumes, comic book characters of drear kind - everywhere, drowning the green. Would you believe a corpse bride, looking rather purple, and not far away I saw Snow White. They might all be attached to comics, but their interests vary widely -so many smaller niches exist.

In the City Creek Mall, the color mixture turned in favor of green, evidenced by mothers with their strings of children holding fast to the day. In the Food Court, integration was achieved with many cases of comic fan and St Patrick's Day adherent conversing at the same table.

As a user of costumes for many different events, I might suggest that the Comic fans present a higher spending niche. A woman might get to wear her green blouse on many occasions without comment, Mrs Spiderman not so much.

So much for Salt Lake City being perceived as dull and lifeless: over time it all happens here, sometimes all at once.


Recent Comments


Looked like a fun day in Salt Lake City Larry.

Sure hope you enjoyed it...I know I did!

Not so much St Patrick's day then, just a day to dress up!

Good afternoon Larry,

The story of your day sounds good and the photos are great so what more could one ask for?

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske

Sounds like a great day! Debbie

Big niche
Congratulation for you found that.

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