Why Leave Your Job?

Last Update: July 25, 2016

For years we heard people like Robert Kiyosaki, and Les Brown among others, leaders and trusted mentors in network marketing make jokes about the JOB meaning "Just Over Broke" or talk about your employer as "the horrible boss", and we cheer YEAH!

Is your 9-5 job the most evil thing on planet earth, or is your boss somehow responsible for all your misfortune?

We cannot live and enjoy the things we enjoy had it not been for people who find fulfillment in their 9-5 jobs and faithfully execute their responsibilities every day. Where would we be without Public Sector employees, or private corporations run buy 9-5 employees.

So while there are negative elements for some people who fall into the 9-5 routine, I believe networking professionals need to make the distinction between people who hate their jobs, and may need to branch out into entrepreneurship to improve their lives, and those whom we need to continue performing the jobs which they love.

This language of network and online marketers attracts people for the wrong reason, and ends up fueling wrong expectations: i.e. a chance to escape the rat race and enter the good life on easy street. That's a wrong message.

Your program/opportunity is a business that requires work just as any other job, and people need to come in with that understanding: not just looking for an easy escape.

If there is anything you need to escape, it's living a life without a sense of purpose, which leads to a lack of fulfillment regardless of the job, or opportunity you choose.

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DeniseOlsen5 Premium
You are so right! Anything worth doing is never easy! It takes hard work!
AllanC Premium
...and the harder the effort at what you love, the greater the reward feels.:-)
Thanks for your response. And if there is any message I'd ask people to share, this would certainly be among the top on my list.
JudeP Premium
This is definitely not 'easy street', you are quite correct there :)
wecwish Premium
I agree. Sometimes people don't understand that being an entrepreneur takes a lot of hard work. And it is not for everyone. But the chance is out there for everyone. I believe that is what the books are trying to tell everyone, even though it does not come across that way all the time.