List Building Done in Your Right Mind

Last Update: June 02, 2016

What is the number one thing you are advised to do when starting an online or network marketing business? If you said "Make A List" you are absolutely right!

Now what is the number one reason given for making that list? Answer..."the money is in the list". Right again!

Wow! What a brick wall you just walked into if that is what you heard. It's no wonder then, why so many struggle to make any money at all. You see, people are not your personal ATMs.

Viewing your list only as a potential source of income will reduce you to a desperate, cold and calculating individual whose only concern is making a quick buck. That mindset creates an adversarial relationship between you and everyone on your list - a relationship which affects you more than you might realize or care to admit.

The struggle begins within your subconscious, since you know from the get-go that the only reason most people make it onto your list is for you make a buck out of them. Now that may not be the case with you, therefore I'm talking to anyone else for whom that was true.

The irony which creates this problem is that most who teach us to go build a list also tell us that we are helping people with the product or service we are offering. Again that is often true, but you don't want to get caught doing the right thing but with the wrong motive - such as if your primary focus for list building is income driven.

So then what is this all about? I'm glad you asked.

It's about adopting a better attitude and mindset about the people you need to serve, and your reason for putting anyone on your list.

Your list is not a list of potential income producing customers for you to cash-in when ever you need to. Rather your list is a list of the people you can offer a solution to a problem they need fixed.

Understanding this will spare you the grief and frustration of rejection when people say no to your offer. Obviously they did not have the problem you are seeking to fix. So before you put another name on your list ask yourself this question - Why am I doing it just for me, or for them? - and make that your primary focus for building your next list.

The people telling you to make your list are not leaving you with the right impression about the true function of that list.

What is not emphasized enough is that you must first have something of value to offer to the people you put on your list. Your must first be a problem solver, a bearer of good tidings, a seeker of the problem(s) you can and want to fix.

Naturally If you help people find what they are looking for they will gladly pay you for your services, or return the favor - money is not the only measure of wealth. So the mindset to adopt is one where you want to help others more than you want their money.


Allan C.

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MrsFeury Premium
Thank you, thank you, thank you. I don't have have "traffic" I have valued relationships.
AllanC Premium
You are most welcomed, I'm glad you were able get something out of this post.
JudeP Premium
Paying it forward is hugely important :)
PjGermain Premium
Helping people = Good karma!

Well said Allan!
AllanC Premium
Hey PJ, thank you.
Also, I just saw your post about not liking to talk about yourself online, have crossed one of the biggest hurdles for persons our age who grew up when the internet was first launched but did not get into the whole social media thing. Well done.
PjGermain Premium
Yes, I still recall the screeching of the 1200 baud dialup modem where i couldn't get online if mum was on the phone! LOL!!