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Last Update: September 02, 2016

Hey everyone, I've been working on a website and I am looking to get some feedback from the fine folk here at WA ;-)

So here is the link http://ask4wealthfreedom.blogspot.com/ Please be as candid as you must - but be kind, I bruise easily, lol. I do need your honest opinion, and look forward to hearing your comments, and suggestions. Feel free to PM me also.

As you go through the site (there are 18 pages, and 8 external links including WA) let me know which pages you think might be developed further. Or if there was any area you think could be more user friendly, and why. Or what you might add to the site if it were your own. It does not matter how small or insignificant it might seem - every comment is welcomed, I'm all ears.

Thanking You for your input, Allan.

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Charlie444 Premium
Your an excellent writer my man!
AllanC Premium
Thanks for the encouragement Charles. It lets me know I have not wasted my time and effort.
McBride07 Premium
I can tell you've written content online before , great detail and anyone reading it would understand your message. Also well architected. Keep it up
AllanC Premium
Hey Scott, I'm glad you found the message to be clear - this is one of my biggest concerns. It's my first attempt at a website, but I have spent some time researching, writing and re-writing, trying to hit the right tone. That's why comments like yours are always helpful. Thanks.