My progress so far

Last Update: January 20, 2020

My WA journey so far

I joined WA at the beginning of this month, and have been very diligent going through all the training. I am now getting to the end of lesson 2, and have a niche website - - with five different posts on it. I have really enjoyed the lessons so far, I feel it is all very well constructed, although the fact that it throws you in at the deep end right at the beginning is a little scary!

My niche - kitchen gardening

I have chosen fruit and vegetable ('kitchen') gardening as my niche, as I recently started converting my back garden into a kitchen garden with raised beds, where I want to grow my own fruit and veg, and I thought - why not write about it at the same time as doing the actual physical work? I think there will be lots of gardening affiliate programmes that I can quite naturally promote, and I also think it's going to be easy finding things to write about.

My goals for the next 3 months

I want to complete the WA training in the next 3 months, and work on two main areas: building revenue potential, and creating an awesome website. I feel like there's a mountain to climb to achieve both. But I'm also confident that if I have questions there are a lot of people here at WA who can help me.

Beyond 3 months

I would like to think that I could start offering help and support to others too.

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megawinner Premium
Congrats, just keep going
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Moving right along, Alison! My Grandpa through me in a pond to teach me to swim--it was also the deep end! There are many people here who won't let you drown!😊👍👍
JTeston Premium
Nice niche and goals.
jeffklayo Premium
Great job, it easier when you find a niche that is fun to write about and share with others. It makes this business fun to do. Congrats on your success!