For Those of you concerned with WA rankings.

Last Update: July 13, 2019

For my fellow WA Associates that worry about WA rankings, Do Not. I had a ranking of 2190 on June 1st, as of today my ranking is 4513. I have decided to ignore these rankings, because they don't mean a thing. The most important thing is continue with your training and work on your websites and get some Traffic thru them.

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Alexis75 Premium
Hi Alfred,

I totally agree that it's not important to rank or just set your sights on ranking. I think what happens is that you can get distracted or caught up in the hype of it because it's something that you may feel that you want to be a part of.

But building your website and keeping your mind open to learning something new are both essential elements to you and the platform that you're trying to build.

Always stay focus and you will be amazed at how far you have come.

Thank you for this!!
Babou3 Premium
You're absolutely right. This is not the most important thing, the important thing is to focus on your WHY of coming to WA. Rank is an important detail for some and not for others.

Have a nice day!
AnitaLouise Premium
Thanks for the reminder, I try not to think about the ranking but sometimes I find myself trying to move up the rankings.
MatthewLS Premium
You are right ranking here doesn't mean that you are successful outside of WA. There are a few factors in how ranking is done.

If you click on your rank it will bring you to a page that shows you a list of people in different categories.

You will also notice your helper rank, creator rank, activity rank and then your overall member rank.

The WA algorithms take all of those ranks calculates them and puts them in the end as your member rank.

Me for instance I am on here sparingly I will comment on a few posts reply and that is it. I don't create WA blogs or training (that is your creator rank).

So my activity and helper rank is where I my rank comes into play.

For example if you are super active in the community and create WA blogs then your member rank will climb up like crazy.

You could be in the tens of thousands one day and fly up in a week to be in the top thousand people on WA.

All in all WA rank to me is just a number the more active you are the higher your rank will be. The less active you are then your rank will go down some.

So I woudn't worry about the rank much because of the fact your rank doesn't have any monetary value. Just a number in a community which is cool to have but not something anybody should really worry about.

This is my two cents I hope all is well
petardz Premium
Finally some smart post about rankings.. i mean, still when i have some question i look at rank first and then ask somebody.. but rank does not have to mean that person is succesful.. maybe in first 50 but the rest im not so sure.. as you say, people should care about their success, not the rank at wa