Welcome to my real-life experiment!

Last Update: June 07, 2016

Whether you are a beginner, or an experienced marketer, I invite you to my real-life experiment.

What is it about?

We know that one of the most profitable ways to make money online is affiliate marketing. We create review website and make money from Amazon or other affiliate program.

But I decided to go in a different way. I am not a native speaker of English, and for me it is easier to make videos rather than to write articles.

So why not to use the power of YouTube to promote other people's stuff?

Youtube channel? Nice idea, but about what?

I have a big deal of experience in blogging and affiliate marketing in my first language (which is Russian), so why not to tell people about everything related to making money online niche? I have so many ideas!

But what to promote?

Wealthy Affiliate, of course!

It's cool, isn't it? To run a youtube channel, to tell about what you are interested in, what you are knowledgeable at, and to promote a proven offer (Wealthy Affiliate in this case).

I will share some tips, tricks, techniques on making money online, I will talk about psychology, motivation, self-improvement and other things to help people start making money online and make more money.

And here on my Wealthy Affiliate Blog I will be sharing with you the results (views, subscrubers, referrals).

I do need your support, your ideas and suggestion. As I mentioned previously, English is not my first language, and the only native speaker of English I have spoken to was a guy from the UK (it was five years ago).

So, chances are, I have a little bit strange accent.

OK, here is my first video about different ways to make money online, and about real life walking examples of marketers and bloggers who are making huge amounts of money online (and in a description I have a link to Wealthy Affiliate):


I do appreciate your comments! Be honest, please!

P.S. If there is an opportunity to embed video in WA blogs, let me know how to do that.

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SowAndReap Premium
I asked my daughter what she though and she actually loves your personality and your video. As for your accent, don't worry about it, in America we are very use to many different accents.

I would be careful with the statement that wealthy affiliate is 100% free, because people may take it the wrong way once they check out WA, Let people know what they get for free, this way the person who decides to check out WA won't feel deceived regarding WA's premium membership,

Other than that I really like your idea and just keep going, Congrats, you're daughter is absolutely adorable, I love how you she was clapping and smiling in the end of your video. :)
alexjuly Premium
Thanks. Yes, you are right, I think, we should tell people that even though WA is free, there is a premium membership. I will modify my "presentation" in next videos.
Thanx a lot!
SowAndReap Premium
My daughter watches Youtube more than TV, she really likes your energy and I agree with her. I remember watching myfroggiestuff with my daughter because she loves crafting and making stuff.

Me and my daughter went back to look at her videos one day, now she has over 1 million subscribes. I believe it was 5 years back and her subscribers were not anywhere near that.

She just kept going and if you do that, I could see you building a great big amount of subscribers and fans.
alexjuly Premium
Thanx. I just made another video, and in an hour I will upload it. I really want to share my way so that people get inspired and motivated ))) There are so many self-made millionaires out there, but how cool it would be to watch their steps and strategies from the very beginning )))