Need Your Help - This Is How I Promote Wealthy Affiliate! Good or Bad?

Last Update: June 22, 2016

Oh, believe me or not, but I invest my heart into making my videos.

Yeah, I promote WA.

1 sale.

Cool? No! I wanna MORE!!!

This is how I promote WA -

Please watch that video and post a comment below - do you enjoy the way I'm expressing my thoughts ))) Would you subscribe, would you watch? Or it's better to be calm, stay in front of the camera and be like everyone else?

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theresroth Premium
Alex, it comes across in a truth way, because you're excercising, and that seems to give your words emphasis.....somebody is doing something, Somebody is working!

And the words as well, the way you explain it....

The more shallow people will pass over it because you're not driving the Lamborghini.

But those who are really willful about making money will watch it to the end.....they are the ones you are looking for anyway, am I right?

I think you will target an audience of committed people.....

And be able to help them
Very interesting☺☺☺☺☺

alexjuly Premium
Hi! Thanx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Actually, I don't know what the right way is for me, but... I'm trying different approaches.
What I know exactly is that lots of so called "gurus" rent a lambo and they state they are millionaires.
I am an honest person, and I'm trying to be geniune )))
moreover, English is not my first language, and I'm trying to shift the focus to the meaning of my words.
If I were staying in front of my camera and speaking like a teacher, probably, I would look ridiculous because of my accent and poor grammar ))
btw, today i was making a video and crashed with my bike (i will upload this video tomorrow).
I think, I have to upgrade my strategy a little bit ))
AnthonyMLM Premium
That so cool, love the car..keep promoting...
alexjuly Premium
Thanx, Anthony. You cannot even imagine how important it is to get feedback if you're just starting out.
Do i need sales? I do! But what I need more is a feedback!