I Am Great, Aren't I?

Last Update: June 15, 2016

The story continues! And I decided to upgrade my strategy!

Hope, you remember, I'm planning on becoming a top WA affiliate.

OK, you remember that I'm planning on promoting WA through YouTube. I know that it differs a bit from what we're learning here. But... It's my strategy )))

Here is the deal.

I'm planning on creating 100+ youtube videos on different ways to make money online (I've already uploaded a few).

Yes, I do have a big deal of experience in russian speaking market, so I know what I'm talking about.

It takes 5-6 hours to make video and edit it. it's kind full-time job. Venture investments of my time and efforts.

I must succed. I'm not giving myself another chance.

I think, I do deliver value through my videos, and what could be better than to promote a reliable offer (WA).

What is interesting is that the friend of mine have already done it. He's in a self-development niche, he made 100+ videos, and uploaded them to YouTube. What a great job! He's the member of WA - https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/nassime, and you can find there his channel.

But what he lacks is promotion.

Content in not King anymore. I keep making videos, and I'm thinking on investing some money into buying backlinks on Fiverr, into promoting my Facebook page.

But before I have to be sure that my videos don't suck. And I do appreciate your suggestions, ladies and gentlemen.

And If you have a few minutes, I would appreciate if you watch my another video on making money online by selling music - here it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWzFy6attj8 and tell my if it sucks. I don't need your favourable reviews. But if you DO believe I'm greate, let me know :)

If something is wrong with my speech, or the way I look like, or I should be briefer, let me know!

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SowAndReap Premium
Alex, please do not purchase links from Fiverr, you don't want to deceive people with fake likes and all this other fake stuff. You want to be real throughout what you're presenting.

You want to naturally have people like and share your work. It takes work as you know to get where you want to be. The way to do that is to continue on, in what you're doing. You have a great personality you're doing great.

As for content being king it is when it comes to blogs. A good blog brings value to people. Not everyone is going to watch videos, some people like to sit down and read content.

We live in a world of different people and tastes. Not to take away in what you've accomplished which I personally feel you're doing an extremely well job, but your site is another avenue that will help people with your business.

There are plenty of people who are doing YouTube videos along with having a blog. The ones that do that know that content is king, plus your video is content just not written content so yeah good original content is king.
alexjuly Premium
Thanx, I do appreciate your suggestions. Of course, I'm not going to deceive people. I am a religious person, and I know that I'm responsive for everything what I say, do and promote. And I'm proud to promote WA.
By "links from Fiverr" I mean backlinks for SEO-purposes.
SowAndReap Premium
Alex that is low quality SEO, You don't even know how great you're doing. You're doing an excellent job. What you've accomplished this far has been amazing.

You don't need to purchase backlinks or any of that, people will naturally backlink to everything you do as your building and getting popular.

Don't worry about backlinks. Keep doing what you're doing, focus on videos and I would suggest keep building your site, you will get tons of traffic that way too.

Just add an article once a week and link your videos to your site and vise versa. That's how you will gradually build more subscribers and followers to your videos, sites and social sites and sales.

There is no need to game anything!

Read this article.
alexjuly Premium
Thanx, but you know what? Here is Nassime - he is my first referral, https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/nassime - he is a premium member here as well. And what scares me is that he has already made and uploaded more than 100 videos on YouTube. He in self-development niche. And let's be honest... He's got 6 subscribers, and a few vides per video.

I invest my time, my efforst, my soul, my... I'd say, everything I can invest, into making my videos. But for now I have the same results.
So, I believe, I should invest some money into promotion - either into SEO, or in buying ads from Facebook.
SowAndReap Premium
Alex it's not a competition, I invited some people who are doing way better than me, lol, such as you. You are one of them I don't even have videos, but I choose not to, that's my decision.

When I started here it took me months to get my first sales. I'm not here to compare myself to others as we all got different things going on in our lives.

My goal here it to help people make money from home. I get soooo ecstatic that people are making money from home. I am very excited that you got your first sale. This why I advocate Wealthy Affiliate because it works and WA has proven that, with training and support.

Congrats on your first sale Alex, Look at you.. you learned English, you doing great videos, I just love your personality in your videos. Keep pushing your website too, all theses tools goes hand in hand.

I'm a proud mama, give your daughter a hug from me. :)