Right and easy

Last Update: July 24, 2016

Which of the two will you go about doing, spending most of your time in?

I would rather do what I know is right even if it takes sometime to realize the results than do the easier one. The idea that valuable things do not come that easily applies here. The easiest things normally do not pay much like the hardest things.

It is the reason why there is no short cut to earning your money online. You have to follow the right track of learning to gain the skills first. Do not see it as a waste of time, it is only the right way to earn.

Have a blessed week.


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MKearns Premium
Only one waay Albina. You've defined it well.
eliplank Premium
I agree with you . But the easy way is often tried.
suzzziq Premium
Amen to that!
MPollock Premium
So true.
JudeP Premium
Very true Albina :)