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July 29, 2016
After some rest that was vital, I am now back. I have had the rest that has allowed me to gain momentum ready for work. I have always worked hard since I started seven months ago and I am glad that I am still strong to move on.Having a period of rest is most useful, in between work, I had net done this before so it worked so well.With new resolutions added to the goals I had before, I know all is going the right way, It is not easy but I am glad I am doing the right thing, that was my last bl
July 24, 2016
Which of the two will you go about doing, spending most of your time in?I would rather do what I know is right even if it takes sometime to realize the results than do the easier one. The idea that valuable things do not come that easily applies here. The easiest things normally do not pay much like the hardest things. It is the reason why there is no short cut to earning your money online. You have to follow the right track of learning to gain the skills first. Do not see it as a waste of time
July 17, 2016
Network of 1 k, I feel honoured. I am surrounded by a wonderful friends here at Wealthy Affiliate. What a huge success! I am glad to have each an every one of you, and I know we are all headed for a big success. This encourages me the most.The Wealthy Affiliate has been my joy, and I am glad that I made here to get what you people are getting. I have had my piece of cake and it tastes sweet, I am what I never thought I had chance to become. Yes I can be a Writer too. I am learning more and more
Yipeee! This is how I can just express my joy of a sweet progress made. This very day I am just thankful and I have no words to express my gratitude.Being here is just giving me a reason to believe in my abilities, I am not striving for excellence in vain. There is a chance for each an every one to achieve more and more and only heavens know much we can achieve.The training of How to create a content that ranks using a S.M.A.R.T goal strategy just did it. In position 3 of page 2. This is more t
Wealthy Affiliate is a great community, where we are there to help one another. In one way or another someone who is asking a question is in real need of an urgent help.We always wait for the advice of the experts in the areas we need help the most and we expect to get a satisfactory answer to the query and therefore move forward. The best advice I have ever got is that in any question that you have read and you know you cannot give the answer that helps the person seeking help, please do not a
What is a good writing? What is it all about? Good Grammar, well constructed sentences or what? Knowing to write is my success.If you want to be a successful writer, start writing using this information .Communicate frequently, have some Idea, organize your work, choose your words carefully, be clear with your sentence and then voice your message! For a beginner start with this. through writing, you will love this. Happy writing!Albina.
July 11, 2016
A friend will take a different position in your heart from that of some one else. Is there any one in your life who has taken a special place and you regard as someone whom you will always feel comfortable to be with? I believe in having a best friend, to share the knowledge with and share some great things about online business.A best friend has some positive motives in being with you, to see you succeed.. The reason why I have best friends here is for that reason, I am glad know I am here t
Live as if you are serving a higher purpose in life, this will help reflect in your business mission. If you take your business seriously then what you will achieve is great in life.Your business brand will stand the test of time even after your demise. This great words explains how Great Entrepreneurs achieve a lot in life that lives long after they are gone.Have a great weekend,Albina.
July 06, 2016
You have been happy and you always happy, is it possible to maintain this state even in times of difficulty? How do you cope with this, since life must go on. I understand this is what we go through in life, even though you are so down you are aware that it is just a matter of time before you are yourself again.If you do not want to go lower than the limit, think about this.If you try to change a situation you are only trading your happiness. You are responsible for your happiness!Have a Nice
June 24, 2016
The best gift you can ever give yourself is self trust. If you believe in yourself you can do much even when you have a mountain of work before you achieve your goal. The word impossible simply does not exist for the person who is aiming for the stars. The word itself when it is re-arranged means " I'm possible."If you believe in yourself you can do it. We achieve everything through learning, do not be afraid to do what you want to do, the best time to start your plan towards your goal is now.