The momentum continues - AMP or not

Last Update: January 27, 2017

Almost the end of January and it's New Year's resolution check up time! I can say that my momentum has taken hold and I'm adding at least one new blog post to my websites each day.

It's just a start because I realise that to get the success I want, it's going to take 10 times perhaps even 100 times more effort. That's how it is I've found. Not just here but even if I was taking on a handyman task - it's always more than I first anticipated to get the job done right.

I've been observing some challenges for people with the AMP pages that Google is alleged to be favouring. In my opinion, it's good to take advantage of these features if it is within your reach and your plugin performs well. If it causes a challenge, get back to what you do best. It won't be the end of all things if you decided to remove the AMP plugin and revert to your normal means of SEO.

Happy WA moments :)

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drjec Premium
You are right. If it don't work.... trash it.
MPollock Premium
Not sure what I think about it yet, thanks.