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Last Update: February 15, 2017

Why are we blogging?

I've been in the internet industry for over 17 years and have been involved in all forms of digital publishing. I once specialised in Powerpoint templates back when most people had no idea about creating a Powerpoint presentation. I was a specialist in email newsletters or these days we call it CRM, along the while publishing new websites the old HTML way and developing online applications in ASP and PHP.

The digital industry continues to change.

Over the last few years I have specialised in digital marketing because specialising in developing online applications has been drastically made redundant by Wordpress, Joomla, Wix and others. Anyone can build a website now, just like anyone can build a Powerpoint presentation.

What gets a website ranking?

A major part of SEO and digital marketing is the quality and quantity of content. Content is the words and pictures that go into a website, and this is where blog posts fit in.

In WA you are trained in the essentials of creating your website but then the emphasis shifts to blogging, blogging and more blogging on your website.

The reason for this is that blogging is the new fashion. Blogging is on trend and with affiliate partnerships, this is where the money is made.

I have just done a check on one of my websites and it is ranking in the top five in quality targeted keywords. The point about all this is that this ranking result is only due to blogging.

Your website contains and presents your blog posts, the blog posts are the meat that directly affects SEO and results in your affiliate commissions.

I've made it my goal to do at least two quality posts in my websites every day of the working week. It is the only way to a successful ranking.

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paulgoodwin Premium
I do one a week on my website and that is what matters
MKearns Premium
Blogging also provides a convenient and compact way to get your message out there!
Mfjanowski Premium
Two a day?! That's working it...need to pick up my game. ;-)