Absence report

Last Update: May 10, 2017

Have been absent with a major website build only to find the whole project failed due to a badly built template by an overpromising theme developer - AIT Themes.

Their system would not run properly on WA's hosting so I had to move to another hosting provider. After finally realising the AIT Theme is not capable, and this after building the site over three months, have returned to rebuild a new site (with a new theme) back here on WA.

Nice to be back!

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lynnsam61 Premium
Sounds like a headache but glad you're back!
MKearns Premium
Rebuilds are a good thing!
RickRamm Premium
I tried once to build a site with GoDaddy. Wow was that a mistake for me! I got nowhere with it. Site Rubix was so easy - I love it and look forward to building many more sites.