Do You Have a Million Dollar Mindset?

Last Update: November 01, 2018

I can't take credit for this statement but it really jumped out at me and got me to thinking why people settle for a minimum wage. I understand that not everybody can change their lives just like that but many people can which begs the question is how?

We have all heard this a million times before but we all need to remind ourselves how powerful reading motivational books is and has to be an essential part of maintaining a million dollar mindset.

For me the 80/20 rule is my way of maintaining my MDM that is to spend 80% working on myself and 20% working on my business why?

Although modern technology as really improved our lives for the better there is also a flip side to that coin.

Unfortunately we live in a very negative environment watching the news perhaps we should rename it "The Bad News" lol as most of it is. Sure we have to keep in touch to what is going on in the world but we don't have to have it for breakfast lunch, dinner, and supper right?

But let me finish on a postive note being part to the WA community is life changing for me. i am learning so much with this excellent training. Building websites and creating content is a walk in the park.

My favorite book is "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind " What's yours?

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