Art's 6 Week Progress Report

Last Update: November 14, 2017

WA has been my full time focus for six weeks now, and I feel that my progress has been good in high qualy training, but slower than I anticipated. Quality overshadows speed in the resulting benefits of training. I believe Kyle and Carson have done an outstanding job in the WA websitre structure both technically and socially.

I am especially fond of th e WA Community as a means of meeting new like-minded people and interacting with them. The sharing of support by its members has been pleasantly surprising and I love it. So many people have been helpful to me, that it has been overwhelming.

I am just now completing Level 2, Lesson 10, and I have my own domain and website (content and images) published. I feel good about where I am at and the depth of training I have received. Getting into the next level’s training is exciting to me because completing that means I will be on the threshold for income generation.

Also to my surprise, I have 97 followers. More people see what I write and respond positively than I had ever anticipated. This is very rewarding! It also motivates me to reach out to help others as much as I can

The Goal of my website is to provide information, products and services to people who genuinely want to learn how to make positive, permanent changes in their lives and achieve their goals and desires. It’s all about my passion to help other people help themselves improve their quality of living.

WA is helping to make my dream come true. I am satisfied with the progress I have made thus far. In the next 12 weeks, my goal to be generating an income of $25 to $50 per day average. My six month goal is to have two income generating websites generating an average daily income of $125 to $250.

I believe that if I keep on the pace that I am at, with the support of WA training, and the support of the Community and Ambassadors, I will achieve or exceed my goals.

It is defficult for me to find appropriate words to express my gratitude for the wealth of knowledge and support I have received in this short time. Thank you one and all.

With kindes regards, Art

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frex6 Premium
Your doing great, just keep it going
RodClark Premium
Hi Art

Well done - you have made a great start. I suspect we are at similar points in the training and have a similar outlook on belonging to this community.

All the best going forward.

MKearns Premium
Using your talents to help others is a great WA thing Arthur!