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Last Update: February 12, 2016

Hi everyone,

So I just completed the 2nd course of the Online Entrepreneur Certification. I am learning so much.

I have posted 4 small, but high quality posts on my website

I got myself a G+ account.

I'm getting really involved in the WA community!

In the upcoming 3 months, my goals are to increase my ambassadorship ranking, and fill my website with high quality content!

And in 6 months, I want to make revenue, at the very least so that I can rembourse what I paid for the WA program :P

I find the certification very helpful and enriching! If you haven't done it yet, you should totally do it! If you'Re doing it, I think you should go through with it!


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AlexEvans Premium
Hi Aiman love your web site, looks like your WA experience is going really well, keep up the good work.
AimanB Premium
Thank you very much Evan :)