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I know, I'm asking again... But as I said earlier, I have to try, because every time I ask, someone new shows up! :)AimanKarate
February 25, 2016
I just wanted to share my morning routine :)As soon as I wake up, I grab my phone, look at my mails and look at ALL the WA mails I get.Answer to as many questions as I can.Leave a comment to all the blogs my friends have posted.Reply to all the comments I get on my posts or replies on my comments!Stay in touch with the community! I'm now under 900!!Keep calm and community on !
So here I am ranked 951 in WA :)Here's my secret: HELP!As soon as a question appears in live chat, answer it! If you can't, find someone who will, and direct the friend in need towards the good ressource.Give comments and feedback through the site comments and site feedback platforms.Search for unanswered questions in the activity dashboard!Secret number 2: Make friends :)Make new friends by welcoming new members to WA :) And please avoid automated, standard copy-pasted messages...Keep a good r
February 23, 2016
I see many people asking if their niche is too brodd.I don't think you can chose a niche that is too broad. Unless it's about two different subjects, like nutrition an music...A niche should be about something that you are passionate. If you have a passion for guitar, then this is a perfect niche. But if you are passionate about music instruments, then you might be a little afraid this is too broad..?DON'T! As long as you are passionate about it and that you can write, share and help about it,
February 22, 2016
I just came home from school, and I need to leave in 10 minutes to teach karate to kids, so this will be quick!I just wanted to tell you about something that happens to me whenever I work on my website or on WA : I never feel tired!Even if I've been awake for sooo long and I only feel like hitting the hay, as soon as I log in WA, the fatigue disappears!This only shows how much I enjoy doing this, and I will for years to come hopefully.Grab your dreams and passions tight before they drift away i
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February 12, 2016
Hi everyone,So I just completed the 2nd course of the Online Entrepreneur Certification. I am learning so much.I have posted 4 small, but high quality posts on my website www.arrowkarate.comI got myself a G+ account.I'm getting really involved in the WA community!In the upcoming 3 months, my goals are to increase my ambassadorship ranking, and fill my website with high quality content!And in 6 months, I want to make revenue, at the very least so that I can rembourse what I paid for the WA progr
November 30, 2015
Ok, I'm a Premium member now...I'm 23, I'm still a student. My friends are graduating and finding jobs. I'm actually doing a second Bachelor Degree. My friends, that are graduating, are either stressing out because they can't find anything, or they're not sure that's really what they wanna do, or they're stressing about their school grades...I like to do sooo many other things than going to school.And going Premium is a way for me to share all that I like and am passionate about!One website/dom