Just went Premium

Last Update: November 30, 2015

Ok, I'm a Premium member now...

I'm 23, I'm still a student. My friends are graduating and finding jobs. I'm actually doing a second Bachelor Degree. My friends, that are graduating, are either stressing out because they can't find anything, or they're not sure that's really what they wanna do, or they're stressing about their school grades...

I like to do sooo many other things than going to school.

And going Premium is a way for me to share all that I like and am passionate about!

One website/domain per subject, why not?!

So yea, pretty relieved I got the premium membership with the Black Friday/Cyber Monday discount :)

Awesome deal

Thank you

P.S. Quick technical question though ; Do we actually have access to unlimited domain websites for free? Or is there an additional cost to those? Or is there a limited number of domain websites?

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PeterWolf Premium
domain websites or themes?
you buy domain names from GoDaddy or Namecheap
themes are free here, I think 2,500 choices give or take
hope this helps!
AimanB Premium
Yea, I just figured out we buy domain names... :P
But nontheless, can I buy an unlimited amount of domain names and use them with WA? :)

Thank you for answering PWolf :)
PjGermain Premium
Welcome to Premium.
I believe the hosting limit is 50 domain names. I can't keep up with that many websites!
AimanB Premium
Thank you PjGermain :)

I wouldn't see ANYONE keeping up with that many websites !!!