Is a niche too broad?

Last Update: February 23, 2016

I see many people asking if their niche is too brodd.

I don't think you can chose a niche that is too broad. Unless it's about two different subjects, like nutrition an music...

A niche should be about something that you are passionate. If you have a passion for guitar, then this is a perfect niche. But if you are passionate about music instruments, then you might be a little afraid this is too broad..?

DON'T! As long as you are passionate about it and that you can write, share and help about it, it's a good niche. Besides, you can include guitar in your niche!

So don't be afraid that your niche is too broad. The question is actually to know what your passion is? Only the guitar? Or all the musical instruments?

So tell me, what is your passion? Can you and did you transform it into a niche?


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AlyssaBaron Premium
Hi Aiman - I agree that anything you are passionate about can be a niche. From my recent experience I'd like to add that different niches have different competition levels. Regardless of the niche you choose, proceed with eyes wide open so you can level set expectations about level of effort, time required, and profit potential.

I recently re-evaluated my first niche that is totally based On a passion of mine. It could be a profitable niche someday in the distant future with the right time and resources. However, given my short and near term goals I'm going back to the drawing board to find something less competitive for my second attempt
AimanB Premium
Good points there! So what do you think would be a quickly progitable niche?
AlyssaBaron Premium
Quick is relative, but I wouldn't go into the wedding niche