SCAM Alert To Amazon Customers

Last Update: January 21, 2020

This is a scam alert to Amazon customers on the Wealthy Affiliate platform; a majority of whom advertise and promote Amazon products on their niche websites.

How the Amazon Scam is Initiated
You receive an automated system call purportedly from Amazon claiming that your account has been tampered with and purchases made with your credentials.

You are asked to Press 1 to proceed. If you do, you are transferred to an actual person (fraudster) who offers to help secure your account by asking for to install some software on your personal computer.

What You Stand to Lose
The moment they succeed in getting you to install the software, they will have full access with the ability to watch and collect any information on your computer including your bank records and credit card information.

All the information on your computer is compromised.

Key lessons

  • Disconnect the call and reach out to Amazon through their official customer service line indicated on their official website.
  • Never give private information like bank account and credit card details over the phone.
  • You can also receive a call claiming that you were charged for Amazon Prime and that they need your credentials to set the record right. So if you receive a call or an email in that regard, or offering you any refund you have no idea about, ignore them and proceed to email Do not click on any links in their emails instead, delete them.

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WilsonP Premium
Thanks for sharing. I have experienced something similar but not with Amazon.
My experience was receiving an email supposedly from 'cyber security services' saying they have intervened by halting purchases using my details.
Simply by opening the email they seemed to take control of my computer.
This was one of the reasons I suspended everything during my training as I felt as though I was drowning with worry.
I got it sorted, I am more aware now and any thing that looks dodgy is ignored.
Ahimbe Premium
Thank you, Wilson, for sharing your experience.
It is terrible that just opening an email gets your whole computer compromised.
Let's be on the look out on what emails we open!
Ian79 Premium
I get about 10 calls a week, (2 this morning) all scams. They leave messages on my voice mail and I get emails. It is so annoying, they are obviously not legitimated calls. Does anyone have any suggestions how I can make it stop? One guy called me from the U.S. (according to call display), when I hung up on me I called me back from London. And I'm supposed to believe this is real? Give me a break. Thank you Ahimbe for sharing with me the call that will probably come tomorrow!
HeidiAnders3 Premium
Thank you for sharing this with us!! It's a scary world if we're not careful!

Ahimbe Premium
It is a scary world indeed, Heidi. We just need to look out for each other the best way we can.
Feochadan Premium Plus
I have had the exact same thing but the person was saying they were from my bank and some odd-looking withdrawals were made. As soon as I saw what they wanted me to instal I told them where they could put it. Be wary, people!
Ahimbe Premium
That was close, Darlene! They had you in their lenses but you were smart. Stay alert!
Huftchad Premium
Thanks for sharing awesome information something everybody always needs to look out for when working online
Ahimbe Premium
You are welcome, Chad. We better stay safe than sorry.