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Last Update: February 22, 2017

As I am moving ever so assiduously through the challenges of our WA program of certification, and being immersed in the experiences of my fellow workers in the WA vineyards through their shared writings and blogs, I reflect on the meaning of "rewards" and measures of achievement.

Sometimes I believe that we place too much emphasis on the outcomes of achievement and not enough on its process. And that has become problematic for those of us who have been involved in sport or other competition. In effect, and in truth, we have become affixed on the victory and not on the competition -- on "winning" and not on "playing".

I am in the process of writing a book and I have two and a half chapters to go.My publisher has been patient with me as I explained that momentarily I am engaged in developing an online business here at WA.

The book is entitled Philosophy of American Sport: A Quest for Virtue. There has never been written another volume on this subject and as it was the topic for my latest dissertation I capitalized on it for publication. The Carolina Academic Press has given me a very nice contract and I WILL finish it just as soon as I complete ALL the certification courses for WA.

I share the book venture with you only because it serves the purpose of dissecting "victory" and "competition".

You see, we Americans have come to prize "winning" over competition and participation.

All this has been intended to lead my readers to an axiom which is fundamental to entrepreneurship in our WA quests. This appellation was uttered by my venerated grandfather from South Georgia who raised me.

Whenever I became so embroiled in a contest that "winning" became my driving force, he would take me aside and in that deep Southern drawl, he's say,"Ahthuh [that was me in his accent], y'know the only real r'ward for doin' a good job is the oppatunity to go out and repeat it!"

How often I reflect on that simple phrase engrained in me with a revered, almost spiritual tone.

...and I recall it today as I read all the wonderful achievements my fellow WA members are amassing.

And I believe we WILL go out and repeat them...time and time again!

It is, after all, that which drives true entrepreneurs.

Press On!

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Massagearroo Premium
Hi there Arthur and I love your writing and choice of words. I have worked hard with many athletes as a masseuse, 'mammy ' 'psychologist' ,problem solver with a shoulder to cry on!. As you may know in hard times if men share their worries I feel I've done a good job then it's down to approaching their worries in a way where they will take action quickly or in time depending on the sport .
I feel now a bit like your grand - Dad that if your sorted Good, but most often the head is flying to fast in competition or ego is to big ,you only get to repeat at a lesser extent (your running to high and miss or at a troubled slow )then its to redirect later to your children or other's in a positive way.
If in competitive mode you can slow down the brain and keep the ego in line that's when you perform at your best because there's no challenge in yourself ,your spirit is intact ,thinking clearly and all thats ahead is the opportunity to beat the opposition .

Your right that the choice of winning rather than competing can hinder the experience but it's fantastic to talk,touch and be with a person who finally understands both,and goes out and performs his best and wins .
This as a masseuse I feel its my responsibilty to massage his mind ,body and spirit also of course being an "Irish mammy" talk sense and make sure he stays grounded and can repeat his victory in his chosen sport .
That is something coaches miss with players but they don't spend one hour of time , one to one like I do when players are at their most vulnerable state.This is why I think I had /have now a great relationship and record with competitive athletes. I know I'm getting older now, and I have my family commitments but I would love to pass on my person centered care to others before my arms give up.
I'm going to achieve this here!
People give up a lot for sports and country, and because of that they can get used to being pampered and in other aspects i feel they have missed certain social ,emotional and psychological developments so it can be good or really bad after the highlife of competition. It's great to see them go good .It's a short career.
Hope you enjoyed my experience,
Ps. I would love to read your book when you have it finished.
Good luck with it all !
AGOgden Premium
I think I need a massage right now! You are one of the most interesting people I have ever made contact with...look forward to many more future conversations, do have the right perspective on sport and competition!...and so, Dear Lady...

Press On!

bosco50050 Premium
The founder of the Olympics, Baron Pierre de Coubertin said "The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well."

This reminds me of that movie Coach carter - a true story which stars Samuel Jackson who as a new coach teaches the kids the true meaning of winning.

Winning can be good - motivates us to improve, enhance our ability - gives us the satisfaction that we have played according to the rules and won.

Winning can be bad - if cheating and breaking the rules to win with ungentlemanly character is used to win.

At the end of the day, the "Spirit" behind everything is an important factor.

When we were young we played to win but we always played to have fun and played the same game over and over to try to win. It was always fun even if we did not win all the time.
JMupanguri Premium
Thanks for the ecouragement.
DKretzman Premium
Great story Arthur! I hope to hear many more as there is always a lesson to be learned. Good.luck with your book also. Donna
MKearns Premium
That's true Arthur and the best part is repetition leads to learning and PROGRESSION!