Lets Take A Walk On The Wid Side

Last Update: May 22, 2016

Prayer prevails along this journey back to the anchor.

The heart of a Lady is a heart of the home,change of attitude towards them

Be daring is the law of progress,leaders are determin to reach their goals.

The quality of the Word is...."Committment" to be daring and serving,don't let your past dictate who you are,but rather let it be part of who you will become........So Rise-Up and become the person you ment to become, i'm so grateful about this awesome journey thankyou WA for a wonderful experience and still going through it slow but surely... until then my friends have the best day ever.

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Agradecer Premium
"Prayer prevails along this journey back to the anchor"
Thaks for sharing this, Agnes.
JudeP Premium
And you have a great day too :)
MNorton Premium
Hi Agnes,
I love your post! It speaks to the heart. Thank you so much for your inspiration. Have a good evening.
agnesmarshal Premium
you most welcome my friend i appreciate your Kind words
MNorton Premium
You're very welcome.