For Those Still Struggling With Writing Content: Cyber Monday Can Be Your Long Term Solution

Last Update: December 02, 2019

As we're heading soon into a new decade ushered in by the start of 2020, for those who are still struggling with writing blog posts and website content creation, this Cyber Monday can be the opportunity to start almost immediately making those processes not only an almost effortless experience but also an enjoyable one. All of that can be addressed and solved via very affordable automation software programs and even WP plugins.

Platforms like,,,, to name a few of the most frequently used and popular ones have thrived based on alleviating those and other online marketing content creation "pain points". Those who select to repeatedly hire a consultant and pay over and over again have fueled that trend which no doubt has enriched those who provide such services. Unbeknownst to many users of those content creation services, many of the contractors are equipped with the proper software programs which allow them to breeze through assignments within minutes and charge users a hefty fee. As those content creation costs add up, one has to wonder about the bottom line or ROI, or continue to blindly generate and post content without any profitable results.

Please remember that the new decade we enter into, alike those which we have been through, is a glaring reminder to change/update the mindset we have and to embrace new more efficient yet affordable technology.

No one serious about online marketing would invest money in old tech such as an IBM Selectric Typewriter, Sony Walkman, Polaroid Instant Camera, Philips Video Disc, VHF video tapes, reel to reel audio machines, cassette players, 8 track machines or try to go to rent a video at a Blockbuster Video Store, right?

Yet so many, captive to an unexplained mindset will keep on wringing their hands and wreck their brains in search of content creation inspiration from some magical unicorn muse which never delivers or outsource the content creation to one such aforementioned platforms and running from red to red on the balance sheet, hoping and praying that somehow magically success will arise and change an outdated and antiquated strategy for them.

There are countless, very affordable content creation software programs and WP plugins which have amazing results and this Cyber Monday can be that game changer for those who are serious about resolving their constant content creation woes and the related recurring outsourcing costs.

Last, but not least, of the benefits offered by such content creation software programs is creating overnight the ability of beng able to switch from begn a user to a provider of such content creation oursourcing services and generating a constant recurring side income stream. If that in itslef doesn't make sense financially and otherwise then we are perhaps in Common Core Math territory or strolling and skipping along the path in Willy Wonka's Adventureland towards an imaginary pot of gold.

The new decade will surely change, but how many will seriously consider changing their mindsets and approach to content creation?

Stepping into a new decade means more than flipping the pages of the 2020 yearly calendar.

It means having the mindset and the proper tools such a decade requires for an almost effortless online marketing experience.

Have you considered the better alternative to the typical content creation yet?

If not, why not?


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Isaiah14 Premium
Thanks for the helpful post!
AffMktgRt Premium
Thank you for taking the time to read and to comment on my post.

I hope that you have found some value in it, beyond the typical generic post, as one which not only points out recurring content creation "pain points" but also suggests real actionable solutions, especially on Cyber Monday.