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To keep up with the avalanche of posts on the savings by many here on the Black Friday sale [extended version still ongoing as this post was created] I wanted to also boast about my gains [as compared to savings] and I have detailed them in this prior post here: deeper meaning of Wealthy Affiliate and what defines one, has been debated and proclaimed at length, in so many nuances.My "realized gains" are not fictional and, when fu
Yes folks, see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.It is once again just me and crazy talk... Again..Oh but wait, what I have warned over the past months did happen, sooooo it probably everything is coming up roses for the US tech giants, right?Regardless of what spin is going to be put on this "abrupt" news or rude awakening for some, there is nothing normal about it, timingwise, procedurewise or otherwise.To a schmuck like me, this news was not so "abrupt" but I was laughed at when I warned
Once the euphoria and buzz of Black Friday and Cyber Monday week evaporate (let us not forget that on Saturday, December 7th we here in the US remember Pearl Harbor Day) many will either have a sigh of relief or a nostalgic sigh.Then we'll have Sunday, December 8th. the Second Sunday of Advent and first reading from Isaiiah 11:1-10 which is mostly focused on rendering of righteous justice, followed by Psalm 72 of Solomon along the same lines.And then comes Monday, December 9th "Black Monday", a
As we're heading soon into a new decade ushered in by the start of 2020, for those who are still struggling with writing blog posts and website content creation, this Cyber Monday can be the opportunity to start almost immediately making those processes not only an almost effortless experience but also an enjoyable one. All of that can be addressed and solved via very affordable automation software programs and even WP plugins.Platforms like,,,, to
In the midst of a rather uniform tizzy and flurry of posts here about Black Friday WA promotions and potential [still yet to be realized] sales, I have decided, after proper and balanced consideration, to cancel my WA premium membership, and voila, unlike the potential yet unrealized Black Friday WA promotions, I am looking at, at least for the remainder of 2019 and the entire of 2020, at over $588.00 in savings!The numbers will surely look even better the further the outlook goes in time.It is
Nothing to see here again folks, I suppose that some have become immune to criminal acts and happily stroll skipping down the Willy Wonka Adventureland path, completely unfazed by the redundant crime spree.Enjoy the show.Blessings!
If anyone is interested in watching the FREE live stream please let me know.Blessings!
Surely a "surprise" for Washington Post (owned by Jeff Bezos) which called the Pentagon's decision to award its cloud services contract to Microsoft and not to Amazon: "drama".But then there are also those who make a conscious decision not to dwell or stroll in Willy Wonka's Adventureland and saw this coming.I mean, you do not have to be Einstein to figure out that the Pentagon wasn't going to award (read give access to its top secret data) its cloud services to any US tech giants which various
Some would look at the gas gauge on the dashboard while driving and plan to take the next exit when a refill is needed.Some would look at the gas gauge on the dashboard while driving and decide not to take the next exit when a refill is needed.Multiple choices. But choices do not result in a zero-sum game or outcome.Months ago, I have written here a few times about the shaky outlook of the US social media and tech giants, based on the factual, current and future probes, investigations, class ac
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One of the most dangerous traps both new and experienced business owners get themselves stuck in is the simple trap of mistaking activity for progress.We're taught that we have to take massive action...Do the work...Consistently improve...And work harder and be better...All of which is true on the path to creating success.The problem is is...Often times people forget that not every action actually helps to move you towards your goal...Not every action helps to solve the specific problems you're