$tatsCommi$sions Issue?

Last Update: March 24, 2016

Are any others out there having issues with the updating of the correct stats/commissions page?

I got 4 commission emails yesterday totaling $90, but my stats page only shows an addition of $22.50.

Kinda concerning, but I haven't talked with Carson yet either.

Anyway, hope your all doing Great!:)


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Kyle Premium Plus
Just a quick update here. We have spent the last week digging into our platform data as we have noticed that several timeouts being triggered from our affiliate platform (which is built off of Post Affiliate Pro unfortunately). This was caused during “high volume” moments and was taking place over the past couple of months, since December 30th.

What was happening was if a recurring IPN came through from Paypal at the exact moment that our affiliate software API was overloaded and timing out, the entry was not added to the affiliate table. As a result there were several missed commissions during this period.

We have found every single one of these commissions. Our team has been working diligently on this and we have just rolled out the updates that have added any of your missed recurring commissions to your account. These commissions will be placed on the date they occurred, so if you missed a commission on March 3rd as an example, it would have been added in your stats on this date.

We have also created several layers of fail software (basically built much more sophisticated software on top of the Post Affiliate platform) so it is impossible for this to happen again. We check every hour for any missed recurring commissions, any missed Paypal IPN’s, and missed new commissions so there is absolutely full coverage and the odds of this happening again are 0%.

We have outgrown the Post Affiliate Pro software unfortunately, we have stabilized it by having our team in essence reprogram any weaknesses in their software.

If you have any questions about this, please do let me know. And if this is totally confusing, I am sorry about that as well. It was quite a technical issue, but all is sorted now and we have some resilient fail safes in place going forward that will make sure this never happens again.
AffJac Premium
No, thank you! Glad I'm not the only one... I'm actually over $200 off, but they always get it corrected as I'm sure you know. :)
Sheila50 Premium
I have noticed just one thing that isn't adding up, but I am wondering if it has to do with the glitches that have been happening the past few days.
I have not questioned it as of yet since they were having some issues, but if not corrected in a few days may have to check on that.
Thanks for sharing and giving the heads up!