4 Ways to Generate Income Online

Last Update: October 13, 2016

4 Ways to Generate Income Online

There are 4 ways or methods to generate income online. This article is an excerpt from my free report “Much About Nothing” The key to generating real income online.

  • 1.Static Website/blogs is a method used by affiliate marketers and general business owners to advertise their product and services. Methods commonly used by affiliate marketers are review sites offering both written and video content linking to an affiliate offer or personal product.
  • 2.E-commerce websites give the ability to sell multiple products and offers through shopping cart features where you can upsell additional products. Think of Amazon and E-bay two of the biggest E-commerce type of websites. Buyers make their order and then the shipping company send the product directly to the buyer’s house. Methods used to earn income via e-commerce website are termed as Drop Shipping”.
  • 3.Membership Websites give the ability to charge customers a subscription fee for access to content, online courses, services software download etc. WordPress.org has a membership website charging monthly to use hosting and to gain access to templates which allows you to customise your website. Methods used most commonly by internet marketers are selling digital course and software access.
  • 4.Micro-continuity Websites is very similar to membership website expect with one major difference. Where membership websites charge monthly until the subscriber cancels their account, micro-continuity websites gives you the ability to charge subscribers until a certain period of time.

For example, if you had a short course which only last for three months, then you can use this strategy to charge weekly or monthly for three months. The benefits is that if you do not have a lot of content yet have valuable content on offer, you still can earn money with a shorter course, plus you also have a higher stick through rate because customers know that the billing cycle will stop in three months and feel they can commit to it.

Methods which can be used to earn money with micro-continuity websites are short course, consultation services, charity giving such as crowd funding with updates to members area and pretty much any idea you can thing off.

Study the diagram above to see what else you can do to earn money with the four types of websites.

Thank you for reading and hope it helps you with your journey.

Anthony Fagan

(The Entrepreneur who cares to see others Succeed)

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