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Last Update: November 04, 2019

Hi WA,

I thought I would share my two top tips that over the years have helped me work better, some of you may have heard of them already but for those that haven't they may be useful ideas to try, especially if you are struggling to manage your time.

Tip 1. Lists.

I love lists so much that I have a list for the lists! Seriously though if you don't already plan your day by using a list then you should give it a go.

Typically I write a list for everything whether it be work, housework, shopping or what I plan to do today here on WA.

I find that by having those set targets that I get more done and a better sense of acheivement at the end of the day when I see I have ticked off everything. If i didn't use a list then I would spend more time trying to decide what to do, probably get distracted by something shiny then go back to trying to do some work.

These days you don't have to use loads of post it notes or scraps of paper, there are a ton of online options, I have one on my phone that is the same as my browser so I can make notes as I go and they are shared across the devices. What a time to be alive eh!

One final point about lists is don't make them too long. Ideally each list should have maybe 3 or 4 items as over the day along with everything else you have to do that is going to be a list that is be acheivable.

Tip 2. 45-60 minute work sessions.

My 2nd and final tip is to only work for 45-60 minutes at a time then take a break of at least 10 minutes.

During that ten minutes you could go outside, exercise, make a cup of tea, anything really that rests the brain and keeps you feeling fresh.

I learned this idea somewhere online and the premise was that humans aren't usually good at concentrating for hours at a time so for most of us 45-60 minutes is ideal, then a break, then repeat for as long as you want.

This advice has been useful for me as I am not good at concentrating for long periods of time and love to do anything but what i should be.

Lets summarise with a list!

  • Make lists of 3-4 items
  • Work in short bursts
  • Take regular breaks
  • Have fun

If you have any tips of your own please leave below as I am always keen to improve.

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CMKetay Premium
Great lists. I especially like the 'have fun'! Thanks for sharing.

JeffreyBrown Premium
I guess I kind of do that, I usually have several things going on at once, so I shift to each one periodically to keep myself fresh! Oh and I do lists too! Thanks for the great tips!!

HeidiAnders3 Premium
My favorite: Have Fun!! 🥳🎉💙
Acm562 Premium
That's definitely my favourite but sometimes it is the easiest to forget about when we have such busy lives.
HeidiAnders3 Premium
Amen!! You are absolutely right about that!!💞