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Last Update: April 16, 2018

Unlimited Work Limited Time

We live in such a time that we have so much to accomplish, so much to do. Our work expands and expands but the time that we have in our hand is always the same. We have to squeeze the works that we have to fit them in our time frame. Yes we have unlimited work but the limited time.

Past Few Days

My past few days were super busy. I reached to such a situation that I did not have time even to open my emails and read them. Driving, creating my new resumes, filling up applications, making to the appointments, and regular 8 hours tedious job. Oh what a time in hand. To get all these things done I even had to cut off my family time.

Blow To My WA Routine

Too much work these days even affected my WA routine. I did not have time to write and share anything, reply to the comments and thank my friends for their support. Any ways WA is my dream and getting it achieved in the days to come is my goal. I should cut short other things to come to it and get it done.

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elores Premium
As long as you have your goal in mind, you will always find the time to work on it.
Best of luck to you.
Nadja3 Premium
It happens eventually to all of us who are working. Life is not linear... I think it is very normal.
JeannineC Premium
I think taking care of your job and those priorities is the right thing to do right now until you finish getting up to the speed you want with WA. You have responsibilities you cannot risk managing. WA will always be here, and there's no official schedule you must meet for it to work. That's the beauty of affiliate marketing - it works around your schedule instead of dominating it the way a traditional job does.