The Premium Journey

Last Update: August 11, 2016

So I just went premium after about 4 days being on the free program. I completed all the training that was available and decided why not give the premium a try. Just hoping this journey pays off. I have a lot of great ideas and twists on things that have already been done, my problem will be trying to put it on paper; well in this case on a website. So far I see a lot of helpful people in this community.

I'm not trying to make thousands in the first few months but I definitely want to make at least a couple $100 by the time I'm on month 3. I say month 3 because that's seems like a good time frame when I will be growing frustrated. I know they say don't worry about the money but lets face it we are all here for success, and that comes in a few different forms. The most common form is financial success.

Maybe 10 years ago before I had a family I would accept someone saying that I am greedy, but not today. I just want the best for my family and want my kids to have opportunities that I never had. I want them to focus on what matters in life as a kid under 18. Not worrying about money. On that note I am going to call it a night and get some rest. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!

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Biggsta Premium
Well said and I know you will go far. We got this Guam!
Belden Premium
Congratulations for going premium! Best decision going forward.