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December 17, 2016
Just like the titles says, " Go Premium!" If you haven't already you should. The benefits are amazing. You will not find another community that has all the benefits like Wealth Affiliate. You have everything at your fingertips, from the training to the website hosting! It's really a no brainer! Kyle and Carson keep proving to the affiliate marketing world that they have so much to offer! The website hosting, keyword tool, benefits of comments,the list goes on. Stay focused on your goals and kee
October 04, 2016
Pretty awesome feeling to open up your affiliate account and see that you made a sale! It wasn't something that I was promoting or selling but someone ordered something within the amount of time allotted for cookies! It wasn't much at all but its a start and proof that the training from wealthy affiliate works. Not going to keep you long reading this post but I just wanted to share this little piece of success with the rest of you! Thank you to those in the community that have helped me and ans
September 15, 2016
It's been a little over a month and I am still hustling! I have to say I am quite impressed with the results of following what the courses tell you to do because it works!! Just this week I took some time to check out my website stats(yes I know it's not good practice early in the game but its so hard not to look) I currently have well over 1200 page views, I am ranked on the first page of google for a couple of my articles, organic search is slowly, and it only keeps getting better. I have yet
September 09, 2016
I just wanted to write a short blog about facebook ads. I bought my first ad on facebook and had great success with it considering the amount I spent on the ad. I noticed an increase in traffic on google analytics and also increased clicks on amazon up over 100% from my previous month. Of course my site really started getting on its feet last month, as soon as I paid for the ad the next day I saw the increase. Of course content is king! I got a couple new followers on facebook from this ad, now
September 02, 2016
I am about to hit my one month mark with the WA community, and it has definitely been a great experience so far. I have yet to reach my income goals but of course its too early. I really need to focus on getting more content each week. My goal for the month of September is to have at least 10 posts. I got 9 to go! I really want to start a WA site to promote, but I am going to stick with building my niche site this month and focus on getting some real quality content. I know that I should just
August 23, 2016
Its been a fulfilling 15 days in the wealthy affiliate community! I have learned so much. I'm sure I could have learned a lot of this stuff on my own through the internet but the great thing about this community is all the information you need to help build your website is here. Not just through training but the 24/7 help. I literally have been on here at all different times of the day and there has always been someone here to answer my question. I decided to blog about my experience up to this
August 18, 2016
So far I have put some content on my website and gone through about 3 different themes till I found one that I like. I just completed the level 2 training and got some important information out of it. I feel though that the training could have been a little better organized so you wouldn't be bouncing back and fourth with editing things on your website that you learned in a previous tutorial. I am going to start doing the next level of training. Still waiting on the earning part, but hoping the
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August 11, 2016
So I just went premium after about 4 days being on the free program. I completed all the training that was available and decided why not give the premium a try. Just hoping this journey pays off. I have a lot of great ideas and twists on things that have already been done, my problem will be trying to put it on paper; well in this case on a website. So far I see a lot of helpful people in this community.I'm not trying to make thousands in the first few months but I definitely want to make at le